The International Conference of Forensic Medicine 7th edition


Writing articles: 

Date of submission of abstracts March 1, 2024 – June 30, 2024 Validation of abstracts: July 31, 2024 – August 30, 2024 Date of submission of works in full: August 31, 2024 – September 1, 2024 Extension validation: September 30, 2024 Publishing papers Web of Science (ISI) will be indexed

Correspondence email: All works and correspondence between authors / participants is on this email:

Enrollment Date: 

March 1, 2024

Registration deadline: 

September 25, 2024

Participation fee 

280 RON for doctors and non-doctors;

150 RON for residents and citizens of the Republic of Moldova;

50 RON for students;

Payment will be made directly to the organizer (Cluj Society of Forensic Medicine, IBAN ACCOUNT: RO11BTRLRONCRT0511663401) until September 26, 2024.


«Originality of the study (current research, unpublished in other national / international volumes);

«Choosing a relevant topic for the selected field (Forensic Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, etc.); «Selection of relevant literature for research; «Explicit setting of research objectives; «Use of appropriate research methods; «Use of valid data; «Relevant conclusions drawn based on the results obtained; «Research limits; «Future research directions;


Article TITLE 

It will be relevant to the study, concise, and avoid the use of abbreviations and formulas. Capitalization will be used.


Once the article has been submitted to the Editorial Board, any changes (addition of another author, removal of the name of one of the authors, re-establishment of the authors’ names) can only be made with the approval of the Editorial Board. The author of the correspondence will motivate the request in writing, and the other authors of the paper will personally send a written confirmation that they agree with the change.


as well as the email address of the author (s).

If an article is written by several authors, one of them will appear as a correspondent.


It will be short, concise and present the research objective (s) as well as the relevance of the topic.


Maxim 6.


It will be written in A4 format, font size: 12, Times New Roman, 1 ½ line spacing, 20 mm edges, Justified. All the graphics inserted in the paper will be numbered in the order in which they appear. The paper should not exceed 12 pages.


All bibliographic sources inserted in the text will be found in the bibliography and vice versa.

Book Reference Examples :

Strunk W Jr, White EB. The Elements of Style. 4th ed. New York, NY: Longman; 2000

Examples of references to a chapter published in a book volume: Mettam GR, Adams LB. How to prepare an electronic version of your article. In: Jones BS, Smith RZ, eds. Introduction to the Electronic Age. New York, NY: E-Publishing Inc; 2009:281–304..


Time: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Deadline : 2024-09-25


50 RON


  • Students


150 RON


  • Residents of the R.Moldova
  • Citizens of the R.Moldova


280 RON


  • Doctors
  • Non-Doctors