The International Conference of Forensic Medicine 6th edition


Scientific Program

Day I September 28, 2023

Opening of the conference

Welcome message
Associate Professor Costel Vasile SISERMAN, MD, PhD, Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, România

Prof. Duarte Nuno Vieira, MD, PhD, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Prof. Anca BUZOIANU, MD, PhD,Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, România
Prof. Alexandra ENACHE, MD, PhD, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy România
Prof. Diana BULGARU-ILIESCU, MD, PhD, Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, România
Prof. Cristian CURCĂ, MD, PhD, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy România
Prof. Hajrullah FEJZA, MD, PhD, University for Business and Technology, Prishtina, Kosova
Prof. Eduard WATKINS, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Prof. Michael STEVENS, PhD, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA
Associate Professor Andrei Pădure, MD, PhD, Nicolae Testemițanu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Republica Moldova

Session I
Forensic Medicine 10:00-13:00
Moderatori: Prof. Horia MATEI MD, PhD & Associate Professor Codrin REBELEANU MD, PhD

1. Dr. Mirela-Alexandra Nițu-Bute, Dr. Jung Harald
Study of thoracic and abdominal traumatic injuries produced during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
2. Dr. Georgiana-Denisa Gavriliţă, Dr. M. Gavriliţă, Prof. Dr. Ştefania Ungureanu, Dr. C. C. Ţîncu, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Enache
The tanatogenerating potential of associated pathologies and nosocomial infections in patients with traumatic injuries. Developing an algorithm for determining the cause of death
Break 12:00-13:00
13,00 -14,30 – Assist. Lect. Dr. Daniel Ureche
Workshop: Management of SARS-CoV-2 cases within IML Cluj-Napoca
Sesssion I continuation
Legal medicine 14:30-16:30
Moderators: Prof. Horia MATEI MD, PhD, & Associate ProfessorCodrin Horea REBELEANU, MD, PhD
3. Dr. Alin Ionut Piraianu, Dr Marius Neagu, Dr Codrin Rebeleanu, Dr Iuliu Fulga
The post-mortem value and limitations of genito-anal medico-legal examination
4. Cătălin Codescu – Asociația Victimelor Accidentelor de Circulație – AVAC, Prof. Dr. Cristian Stan
Challenges in the forensic medicine expertise of bodily injuries in the Civil Law
5. Conf. Dr. Popa Marius Florentin, Prof. Comanici Radu-Stefan , Dr Mihai Mihaela Lavinia , PhD Tăbîrcă Daniela-Drăguța
Lightning strike associated trauma – a case report
6. Assist. Lect. Muresan Camelia-Oana , Ciocan Veronica , Dumache Raluca , Ungureanu Stefania, Stan Emanuela , Daescu Ecaterina
The value and the contribution of carboxihaemoglobin levels in establishing the cause of death in fire incidents and explosions
7. Dr. Gabriel Stefan Gorun, Dr. Georgescu Adina, Dr. Guner Gemai
Primum non nocere! And if it happens, is it entirely a “medical fault”? – medico-legal evaluation of the doctor/s legal responsibility
8. Prof. Dr. Cristian Stan, Dr. Gabriela Decu
Medico-legal expertise of medical malpractice – current difficulties
16:00-19:00 Discussions


Day II September 29, 2023

Session II
Legal medicine and psychiatry 10:00-12:00
Moderators: Conf. univ. dr. Andrei Pădure & Șef lucrări Dr. Codrin REBELEANU
1. 10,00-10,15
Dr. Anatolii Bondarev, Conf. Univ. Dr. Andrei Pădure
Medico-legal aspects of in-hospital mortality in the Republic of Moldova
2. 10,15-10,30
Dr. Negru C. Flavia, Dr. Sandoiu S. Flavia , Dr. Oros M. Răzvan, Prof. Dr. Buhaș Camelia Liana ,Șef Lucr. Dr. Vîlceanu A. Narcis
What bones reveal: a forensic anthropology case report
3. 10,30-10,45
Dr. Madalina Maria Diac, Dr. Codrin Gabriel Lucasievici, Dr. Nona Girlescu, Conf. Simona Irina Damian, Dr. Irina Streba, Dr. Sofia David, conf. Anton Knieling, Prof. Dr. Diana Bulgaru Iliescu
Anthropometric study for ear length estimation based on the nose – tools for facial reconstruction in Romanian population
4. 10,45-11
Emanuela Stan, Ciocan Veronica, Raluca Dumache, Dăescu Ecaterina, Mureșan Camelia Oana
Possibilities in the identification of skeletal fragments of human origin
5. 11,00-11,15
Sef Lucr. Dr. Rebeleanu Horea Codrin, Sef. Lucr. Dr. Carmen Corina Radu, Prof. Dr. Perju-Dumbrava Dan, Asist. Univ. Dr. Ureche Daniel, Dr. Dana Doroftei
Composite material models – Enhancement of didactic craniometry?
6. 11,15-11,30
Dr. Abrudan Adrian
Traffic accidents : correlation with pandemic conditions in Cluj county
7. Dr. Popa Nedelcu R , Dr Zaharia AM, Dr Siserman Costel V
Typical case during the covid-19 pandemic
11,00 Book presentation – prof. Diana Bulgaru IliescuMD, PhD
8. Dr. Simonfy Lorena-Ambra și Dr. Alex Neguran Retrospectiv study over COVID-19 cases from the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Cluj-Napoca database. Demographical and pathological aspects. Break 12:00-13:00

Session III 

Forensic medicine and psychiatry 10:00-12:30
Moderatori: Prof. Ioana MICLUȚIA MD, PhD & Prof. Anamaria CIUBARA MD, PhD & Associate Professor Cătălina CRIȘAN, PhD

1. Associate Professor Cătălina Crișan MD, PhD & Dr. Razvan Pop
Crime and use of psychoactive substances
2. Associate Professor Cătălina Crișan, MD, PhD, dr. Daniel Ureche, dr. Bianca Suciu
Mental disorders in craniocerebral traumas
3. Prof. dr. Calin Scripcaru, Prof. dr. Diana Bulgaru Iliescu, Prof. dr. Ivanovici Iuliana, prof. dr. Silvia-Alexandra Şpac, Prof. dr. Veronica Scripcaru
Suicide In Europe and Human Behaviour
4. Prof. Rus Mihaela, PhD, & Dr, Banariu Gheorghe Mihail, Dr. Neagoe George
Burnout symptoms in Health Care Personnel a year after COVID-19 outbreak. A comparative and interdisciplinary study between women and pregnant women
5. Dr. Molnar Ancuța-Nicoleta
The forensic psychological and psychiatric picture of the perpetrators accused of murder in the IML Cluj case from the pandemic period
Break 12:30-13:00
Session IV
Forensic medicine and psychology: 13:00-16:30;
Moderatori: Prof. Camelia STANCIU PhD & Associate Professor Cristian DELCEA PhD
1. Associate Professor George Visu-Petra, PhD, UBB
Hearing minors
2. Associate Professor Alina Zamosteanu, PhD, UTT & Associate Professor Oana Dau-Gaspar, PhD, UTT
Comparative Report on Media Literacy in Prison Systems
3. Associate Professor Dan O. Rusu, PhD, UBB
Ethics in psychological expertise
4. Associate Professor Marius M. Sanciu, PhD, UB
Dissociality from an evolutionary perspective
5. Prof. Nicolae Radu, PhD, UB
Covid-19 pandemic psychosis
6. Associate Professor Laura Visu-Petra, PhD, UBB European aspects of legal psychology: Research Topics, Networks and Opportunities
7. Associate Professor Amalia Lerena Marinca & Carmen Georgescu
Accentuated personalities and impulses in patients diagnosed with alcoholismn
8. Dr. Gabriela Moldovan, UBB
The role of the psychologist in psychological expertise

Break 16:30


Day III September 30, 2023

Session V
Forensic medicine and legal sciences 10:00-13:00
Moderatori: Associate Professor Daniel NIȚU

Special guest, Augustin Zegrean
1. Prof. Ana Vasile PhD UTT & Associate Professor Carmen-Pușa Pârvulescu, PhD UTT
Some considerations regarding the secrecy of the vote
2. Associate Professor Minodora Vladu, PhD UTT
The right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment
3. Associate Professor Corina Negruțiu, PhD UED
Practical aspects regarding the application of the provisions of art. 2247 of the Civil Code
4. Rodica Diana Apan Ph.D & Maria Roxana Angheluță, MD
Forensic expertise in judicial practice. Case law study on medical malpractice
5. Associate Professor Ionuț Veniamin Dojană, PhD, UTT
Legal Qualification of The Activity and Act of Donation of Organs, Tissues or Cells of Human Origin Intended for Transplant. Conclusions On the Non-Existence of a Legal Relationship Between Donor and Recipient
6. Associate Professor Veronica Rebreanu, PhD, UBB
The hidden faces of the relation between healthy environment – human health

break 13:30-14:00
7. Malinescu Bogdan, Simionescu Alexandra,Martius Eliza, Tita Alina, Luca Lacramioara, Bosa Maria, Terovan Maria Magdalena
A single breath makes the difference. The implications of necroptic findings in fetuses and newborn babies in terms of heritage.
break 16:30


Day IV October 1, 2023

Session VI Panel – Debate on the papers presented. 8:00-19:00
Reviews: Prof. Camelia STANCIU, PhD, Prof. Ioana MICLUȚIA, MD, PhD, Associate Professor Cristian DELCEA, PhD, Associate Professor Ștefan Mihai ANIȚAN, MD, PhD, Associate Professor Ovidiu Sorin CHIROBAN, MD, PhD Moderating the panel session

Associate Professor Costel Vasile SISERMAN, MD, PhD

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