The International Conference of Forensic Medicine 7th edition

About Event

The symposium brings together interdisciplinary topics in fields related to the forensic field (medical, legal, humanities and penitentiary sciences) to encourage the local and national community to participate in the development of the scientist-practitioner model in forensic medicine. Our goal is to convene researchers and practitioners in the fields of medicine, law, penitentiary, psychology, etc. to contribute to the benefit of our community, providing scientific robustness in our forensic activities.

Event organizers

Institute of Forensic Medicine from Cluj Napoca


Location and period

September 26 – September 29, 2024

Cluj-Napoca on Victor Babeș Street, no. 8, Aleman Amphitheater


Time: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Deadline : 2024-09-25


50 RON


  • Students


150 RON


  • Residents of the R.Moldova
  • Citizens of the R.Moldova


280 RON


  • Doctors
  • Non-Doctors